Marian Redish is a Kingdom Influencer who lives in Charleston, SC. She is the Founder of Reinvent-Her Life Enterprises, LLC, an Empowerment order that's geared toward inspiring women to redefine their worth. A visionary and entrepreneur, she is an ordained clergywoman at Life Changers Covenant Ministries, where she is currently serving as co-pastor and has served for more than twenty five years. Marian has experiences in communication as a long distance operator in Law Enforcement in New York City as a correctional officer, as well as a U.S. Postal worker. She also conducts women's conferences, seminars and workshops geared toward building strong families and marriages. Marian truly has a passion for empowering women.

Inspirational, and motivational, Marian Redish brings her infectious energy to every audience she addresses.  She challenges perceived limits or heights in their personal lives. Marian reminds you of who you were destined to be, sharing in- depth knowledge and taking you on an emotional journey with exclusive hands-on, relatable activities. She has never been one to quit. 

Marian will inspire you to never ever give up, and that you are never ever too old to chase your dreams. She will teach you how to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, sustain your perseverance, build your confidence, and encourage you to take risks you once thought were impossible. This is not the time to quit. If you want to success in life, you must be willing to push yourself. 

Marian is also the author of 3 books: It's Altogether Lovely, Put the Knife Down, and the soon to be published book Frustrated Perception. 


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